Thursday, 31 January 2013

Milan: Part 2

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Hat- Asos Coat- Topshop Boutique Scarf- Zara Shirt- Cos Leather trousers- Mango  Boots- Zara Bag- Mulberry 

More photos from the lovely Milan. This was our last full day which happened to be on a Sunday. So as there wasn't as much open as we would have liked a bus tour seemed like the perfect solution to see the city in a short space of time. This was the second time I've done a city bus tour (the first was in Barcelona) and couldn't recommend them more. However if you do happen to find yourself on a bus tour in Milan in January then the only thing I would say to you is wrap up! My hat, Mittens and scarf combo helped but I still jumped of the bus and ran to the nearest hot cup of coffee the second it stopped. Non the less a great way to see a city if you don't have a massive amount of time.     

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