Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pick of the Week

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So it has been an absolute AGE since I last did a pick of the week. This is partly due to dissertation work blah blah blah, which I'm sure you don't need to hear about and party due to me avoiding this shops for a while. Well this week I broke my shopping ban and have managed to come up with a whole new list of things I need (want desperately). 
Went into Zara through the week who are pretty much into new season now (how long is their sale going on for?! Redic) and my verdict is... its pretty darn good, too good possibly. Loving this black and white explosion we're seeing just now and I don't think anywhere is doing it quite as well as ol' faithful Zara. 
These Perspex and metal clutches are they to die for, plus you can have them personalized so make oh such a lovely gift. A gift I think I'll be giving myself very soon.  
Whats catching your eye so far this season?

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