Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pick of the Week

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My pick of the week time again... which means I haven't posted in a week. Uni work is just a horror at the moment and my dissertation seems to be taking over my life. Sad face.
So obsessed with finding the perfect jackets at the moment, most likely to do with the sub zero temperatures we are facing here in Bonnie Scotland. Yuck. This weekend has been fun Friday night went out with my best friend in the world for dinner, which then turned into Tabasco Tequila slammers, hmm  Then off for a Spa and shopping day with my Mum tomorrow. Lush.

 The Prada bag is up there is the same wish list as a Birkin and Many Many Celine's for me. Yes I love it THAT much. Maybe it can come home with me as a graduation treat... just maybe.  

H&M has been amazing recently, so got a nice little haul to show you in the next few days. 

Hope You've had a nice weekend too. x

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